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Indian employees consider flexible access to salary a deciding factor to their next job.


Employees depend on their employers for financial stability.


Indian employees think they are less effective at work due to financial problems.

Why Earned Wage Access?

Rupid’s Earned Wage Access or Salary On Demand, is a fintech solution that allows employees to access a portion of their earned wages but not paid before their regular payday. This modern payroll service is available in real-time without disrupting the organization’s payroll process and comes at no additional cost for employers.
  • Access up to 50% of earned wages
  • No changes to existing payroll
  • No pre-funding or escrow

What Employers Get?

Effortless Salary Management

This app makes it easy to access and manage your hard-earned money, putting you in control.

Build Credit Confidence

Regularly track your finances and make on-time payments to help build a healthy credit history.

Say Goodbye to Hidden Fees

No surprise charges or confusing interest rates. This app is transparent and affordable.

Escape the Debt Cycle

Gain control over your finances and avoid the trap of high-interest loans. This app empowers you to make informed financial decisions.

Real time employee analysis tools.

Zero-cost plug and play solution.

Improve employee productivity.

Become an employer friendly company.

Attract talent & reduce employee turnover.

Free up capital used to pay salary advances.

Safeguarding your Data and Security
is our Utmost(first) Priority

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