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Be the place everyone wants to Work


Did you know that your employees might be struggling between paychecks without access to emergency funds?


Indian employees consider flexible access to salary a deciding factor to their next job.


Employees depend on their employers for financial stability.


Indian employees think they are less effective at work due to financial problems.

Earned Wage Access?

Rupid App

Financial wellness for your workforce

0% Interest

Enjoy withdrawals with NO hidden charges

Hassle-Free Repayment

Deducted from the salary by the employer

Digital KYC

Instant dibursal, paperless process.

100% Compliant and Secure

RBI Compliant Process

What Employers Get?

Employer Dashboard

Real-time employee analysis tools


Attract talent & reduce employee turnover

Employee First

Become an employer-friendly company and Improve employee productivity

Risk Free

Free up capital used to pay salary advances

What Employees Get?

Get paid whenever you need

Access your earned salary on-demand any day, anywhere, any time

Real-Time Balance Tracking

Monitor available earnings and usage patterns

Escape the Debt Cycle

Gain control over your finances and avoid the trap of high interest loans

Build Credit History

Partnering with your employer for timely repayment of advances helps build credit.

Security & Privacy

Rupid excels in data security and privacy, with multiple compliance certifications ensuring the protection of customer data.

  • ISO 27001 certified company
  • Data encrypted in rest and transit
  • Robust Cloud Security
  • Dedicated Security Team

Rupid offer various go-live models

  • Automated HRMS integration
  • Manual or offline modes
  • Integrate with the organisation’s proprietary HRMS
  • Hybrid model customisations as per the requirement

Improved engagement, retention, and talent acquisition.

100% Customisation

Zero Integration Cost

No Admin Burden