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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Rupid?

Rupid is a Financial Wellness Platform with a primary focus on alleviating financial stress among employees. Its objective is to mitigate distractions, enhance productivity, and reduce attrition by collaborating with various organizations. Rupid aids in creating an engaged and stress-free workforce at zero cost, zero liability, and without impacting cash flow.

Q2. Who can use Rupid?

Any organization, whether a private company, NGO, or government entity, can utilize Rupid’s Financial Wellness Platform. Both on-roll and off-roll employees have access to Rupid’s services.

Q3. What's the difference between a credit card and Rupid?

While credit cards are accessible to less than 4% of Indians and often come with high interest rates ranging from 24% p.a to 52.86% p.a, Rupid’s Financial Wellness Platform provides interest-free liquidity access to underserved individuals with limited or no credit history.

Q4. How are you different from other lenders in the market?

Rupid distinguishes itself by offering employees complete flexibility in managing their finances, along with educational tools promoting best practices. Unlike traditional lenders, Rupid eliminates predatory loans, lengthy KYC processes, and loan refusals.

Q5. How can an employee access Rupid?

Employees can access Rupid through the Android app, iOS app, or website, using their phone number to log in.

Q6. How can my company offer Rupid’s services to employees?

To offer Rupid’s services, your company needs to enter into a partnership with Rupid. An Account Manager guides and supports your company through the integration, deployment, and launch process.

Q7. How long does it take to start offering Rupid to employees?

It typically takes between 1 to 4 weeks for a company to start offering Rupid’s services to its employees.

Q8. How is attendance and payroll data shared between my company and Rupid?

Attendance and payroll data can be shared with Rupid manually or through integration. Rupid seamlessly integrates with HRMS, Payroll, or Attendance systems, reducing extra effort for the HR team.

Q9. Will my company be liable?

Rupid’s Financial Wellness Platform poses zero liability and risk to companies. Companies are not held responsible for any funds withdrawn by their employees.

Q10. What are the charges to sign up with Rupid?

There are no charges for employers to partner with Rupid. Employers can offer Rupid’s Financial Wellness Platform to their employees at zero cost, zero risk, and zero liability. Employees, however, incur a transaction fee when accessing funds.

Q11. Why should my employees be charged?

The processing fee charged to employees enables Rupid to provide the Financial Wellness Platform and access to funds at zero interest and without hidden charges.

Q12. Can employees access Rupid’s solution after they have quit the company?

No, access to Rupid is restricted once an employee leaves the company.

Q13. What happens if an employee absconds?

There is no risk to the company, as liability rests with Rupid. After processing the full-and-final settlement, the company can settle the amount with Rupid.

Q14. How do I contact Rupid's customer support?

You can reach Rupid’s customer support via telephone at +919666967897 or through email at For sales-related queries, email

Q1. What is Salary On-Demand or Earned Wage Access?

Salary On-Demand or Earned Wage Access is a service that allows companies to offer employees access to a portion of their earned but unpaid salary before payday. This solution is made available through a partnership with Rupid at zero cost, zero risk, and zero liability, as Rupid funds the amount with no impact on working capital.

Q2. How does Salary On-Demand / Earned Wage Access work?

After establishing a partnership with Rupid, on-roll and off-roll employees can access Salary On-Demand. They can withdraw a portion of their earned salary for a transaction fee, and Rupid reconciles with the payroll at the end of the month.

Q3. How much can an employee withdraw?

With Salary On-Demand, employees can withdraw a portion of their earned salary based on their attendance. The percentage of earned salary that can be withdrawn can be customized by the employer.

Q4. Can an employee withdraw more than the monthly earned salary?

No, Salary On-Demand allows employees to withdraw only a portion of their earned salary, which is less than their monthly salary.

Q5. Can an employee make multiple withdrawals?

Yes, employees can make multiple withdrawals in a month.